The XSLT Template settings for the High Confidence Web Part enable you to control the HTML format of the display created by this part. The following default templates are supplied for this web part:

• Default.xsl: creates a table that shows the high-confidence result, which will include the SharePoint “high confidence” managed-property values associated with that result. Because the default SharePoint installation returns only people results as high confidence (usually after a user searches for a username or initials), this default template formats the result and labels the properties as appropriate for people results (with name, photo, phone number, etc.).

XML.xsl: passes the XML generated by the web part without transforming it to HTML. Usually, you will only use this during development and testing.
See “Web Part XSLT Templates” for complete details about how to use the settings in the XSL Template area and for advice for how to create and edit templates for Search & Preview.

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