SharePoint users will experience Search & Preview as an integrated part of your SharePoint solution, with the functionality that you and other site administrators have designed. In most cases, this will look like a simple search form, available from nearly any page, plus an Search & Preview Search Center, which displays search results and also offers user settings and an advanced search form.

Search results and the advanced form are created using a combination of specialized web parts supplied with the Search & Preview solution. Usually, you will start with the Search & Preview Search Center supplied and customize the solution from there. However, you might create your own search center and/or integrate one or more of the various Search & Preview Web parts into other areas of your SharePoint solution.

To access the layout and configuration settings for each part, first, go to the page where the parts are placed (e.g., the Search & Preview Search Center) and then enter edit mode via the Site Actions menu (this option is usually only available to users with advanced access permissions). The page then reloads, showing all of the various Web parts positioned there and providing buttons and links for configuring and positioning those parts.

Figure: SharePoint in Edit Mode. Note the two different types of configuration settings provided for Search & Preview Web Parts

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