Search & Preview fits neatly into the structural hierarchy of SharePoint 2013. SharePoint is designed to scale smoothly to support everything from a single site running on a single server to a complex distributed solution running on a server farm and supplying several different Web applications, collections, and sites. To support this wide range of possible solutions, SharePoint is organized into a hierarchical structure, as shown in the figure below.

Figure: SharePoint 2013 structure

Search & Preview installs into this structure as follows:
At the farm level:
Basic support for all Search & Preview functions is installed here. As noted above, SharePoint automatically distributes these to all servers in the farm as needed, thereby making Search & Preview available to all application, collections, and sites.
• At the application level:
Administrators can choose to deploy Search & Preview to some or all of the applications in effect on the farm. Only those applications to which you choose to deploy Search & Preview will supply its features.
At the collection level:
Administrators can choose to activate or deactivate Search & Preview for each individual site collection that belongs to an application to which Search & Preview is deployed.
At the site level:
Search & Preview search results and advanced search forms are provided by the Search & Preview Search Center, which exists as its own “site” in SharePoint (users normally work at the site collection level). Here, you can configure specific search options for a given search form. In some cases, you might create more than one search center, each customized to provide specifically targeted results.

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