Lots of good reasons to

1) Not all service-packs and upgrades are for the good

  • As we all know – Microsoft (and other big brands) – keeps making a lot of updates and fixes to their software and sometimes this affects other software there are working/running in cooperation with this brand software.
  • Upgrade and make sure your Search & Preview software is updated and keeps running perfectly!

2) The full Search & Preview Software guarantee, support and service are only valid for the latest 2 released versions

  • When a software version is not supported anymore, there is no more guarantee for full standard access to software maintenance, upgrades, patches, support, and services.
  • Very old License Key Files can’t be supplied – What version er supported

3) Everybody who is using a too old version

  • Will miss out on all the new enhancements
  • Will be hit by old inconvenient proportions
  • Will perceive and feel that outdated solutions are used
  • Will maybe not be running, be unstable etc.

One of the latest updates/fixes from Microsoft has had a negative influence on the “older” Search & Preview software versions, some versions just show some small defects, are running slow, others are very affected with instability, are unreliable and can break down without any further warning.

don’t worry we have made an upgrade with fixes for all the know issues

  • To avoid running into any bad issues, it’s very simple, just upgrade to the latest’s Search & Preview software version
  • Best is to upgrade at least one time a year.


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