Which Languages is supported by Search & Preview

Most of the languages supported by SharePoint are supported in Search & Preview


Standard program interface:

Supported (search center creation, translation of user pages):
English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.

Limited Support (search center creation):
Finish, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai.

NOT supported correct (in most cases not rendered correct):
Languages which are written from right to left:
Example: Hebrew & Arabic

Support of modifying (front-end):
Update and extended translation by modifying the translation files

Support of new (front-end):
New languages as Spanish can be activated

When some parts are translated (but not all) – How to translate them?
Search & Preview is localized using standard.Net technics which means resource files. These can be found in the SharePoint hive under Resources. All the resources files are named so they start with Search & Preview.
The resource files are easily edited if Visual Studio is available.

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