Search & Preview can accept queries that include dynamic values, which are evaluated at runtime. Usually, you will use dynamic values in property-search expressions, and especially when you are designing fixed queries for the SharePoint Search Result Web Part or static links. All values loaded into the current user’s profile are available for use in this way.
There are two types of dynamic values, which are specified as follows:

• [profile.]

• [user.]

Where is the name of a property from the current user’s profile or user store, respectively.
The profile store will contain all of the properties configured for user profiles in your SharePoint solution; there can be any number of these, depending on how you have set up your solution.
The user store contains just three properties (each of which is typically also part of the user profile and can, therefore, be fetched from that store as well). These are:

• [user.fullname]: places the full name of the currently searching user.
• [user.loginname]: places the domain\user-name of current searching user
• []: places only the username (log-in name) of the currently searching user

The above values are available in the user store by default. However, if you wish to use the profile store, then you must manually configure the collection of properties available and make sure that SharePoint loads values for them when the user logs in; please see your SharePoint documentation for details about how to configure this system for holding user-profile data.
Here are some examples of queries specified with dynamic values:

• author:[user.fullname] AND date>30days
Finds documents written by the current user in the last 30 days.

• location:[] AND type: person
Finds other users from the same office as the searching user.

• department:[profile.department] AND type:person
Finds other users from the same department as the searching user.

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