When a user fills out a search form, that form encodes the user’s input into a URL that targets a search-result page and includes all of the values entered by the user. Such a URL typically looks something like this:

http://ontv3proto:8000/Search & PreviewSearch/Pages/DefaultResults.aspx?k=Search & Preview%20NOT%20(SharePoint)%20(lang%3Dda%20and%20(a%3AKarl%20and%20(ct%3Ddoc%20and%20(filetype%3Dhtm%20and%20(size%3Dsmall)))))&s=All%20Sites

The table below outlines all of the various parameters that can be included in the URL sent to a page that includes an Search & Preview Web Part that executes a search (such as the SharePoint Search Result Web Part). You might use this information to design fixed searches triggered, for example, by a link rather than a search form

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