Quick Guide

  • Upgrade Search & Preview Installation
  • Upgrade Preview Back-end
  • Upgrade Modules
Upgrade Search & Preview Installation

The general upgrade guide, don’t handle special set-up etc.

  1. Uninstall the backend, (conversion and gatherer services) using the Windows Control Panel on all servers where they are installed.
  2. Unpack the installation package to a folder on the server running SharePoint Central Administration. Run setup.exe from that folder, it will perform a full upgrade, or fresh installation, of the SharePoint front-end components.
  3. (Re)install backend, (conversion and gatherer services) on all servers where they are required from the ‘Preview Back-end Installer’ subfolder in the installation folder you expanded the package into. Run MSI.
  4. Upload and activate your new license in SharePoint Central Administration using the license area.
  5. (Re)activate all Search and Preview features in your SharePoint sites.
  6. Test your installation for full functionality

In case you experience timeout or other issues during an upgrade then instead of point 2 do the following:

Uninstall the existing Search and Preview using the original installation package.
Unpack the installation package for the new version to a folder on the server running SharePoint Central Administration. Run setup.exe from that folder and reinstall all components.
For a fresh installation, you will skip point 1 and follow the other points as for a new installation. Simply read ‘reinstall’ as ‘install’ etc.

Upgrade Preview Back-end

The upgrade process of the PreviewBack-end involves removing the existing version and installing a later version of the Preview Gatherer and Conversion services. Removing the Preview Back-end requires either the previous or later version of the Preview module to be installed. To uninstall the Preview Back-end you will need to go to Control Panel > Program and Features, locate Preview from the list of installed programs and features, right-click and select the Uninstall option. Then you will need to run the Windows installer located in the Preview Back-end Installer folder as described in the Preview section of this guide.

Upgrade Modules

To upgrade modules you will need to run the Setup.exe program from the main folder of the installation package on one of the Web front-end servers in your SharePoint farm, preferably where the SharePoint Central Administration site is hosted. If the version that is being installed is later than existing one the installer automatically detects it and provides the Upgrade option, which will be selected by default. Remaining two options are Keep and Remove. The installer does not make any changes if the Keep option is selected to for the selected module and it deletes the current version of the module completely if the Remove option is selected.

After upgrading you will need to deactivate and then re-activate the features first at the SharePoint farm level Central Administration > System Settings > Manage farm features and then at the site collection level site collection root site > Site Actions > Site Settings > Site collection features.

The upgrade process automatically sets the free evaluation license, which comes with the installer, as active. You will need to go to General Application Settings > Manage Licenses and production or development license as active. Please remember that with most upgrades you will need a new license file, which can be requested at support.surfray.com.

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