The support tickets is an effective and constructive way to solve issues together.

Open New issues, Replies (response) from the user
In Progress Is been handled, assessed, worked on, escalated
Awaits Expert Waiting for expertise and further investigation
Contact Direct User working directly with expert (dialog outside the ticket)
Awaiting Reply Waiting for user response, further information etc.
Re-assigned Owner is being changed, are moved to another department
Deferred Postponed, delayed
Awaits Patch Wait for the next patch to be released
Awaits Vx.x Wait for a specific software version to be released
Awaits Release Wait for the release there will solve the issue
Resolved A solution is found and suggested
Solved The issue is solved
Closed Ticket is deactivated and closed (if needed it can open again)

If the status is Awaits any kind of new patch or version release, the ticket will be “sleeping” in the relevant category.
When there is news regarding your issue and a new patch or version, the ticket will “awake” again

Ticket status with “AWAITING REPLY without response, will automatically be deactivated after 24 hours and closed after 48 hours. This is to make the Support & Service Service Center effective and make the ticket support owners able to take care of a lot more parallel tickets

When tickets are – “DE-ACTIVATED, CLOSED, RESOLVED, SOLVED – don’t worry, just use the ticket again and the ticket will automatic be “OPEN” again and continue in use as normal.


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