The default XSLT templates for each of the Search & Preview Web Parts incorporate support for CSS stylesheet classes; each of these classes can be formatted using the Search & Preview search style sheet, which is included in the Search & Preview Style Gallery. This gives page designers an easy way to make global formatting changes for all Search & Preview Web Parts. The style sheet controls graphical aspects such as fonts, table formats, background colors, paragraph styles, etc.

The Search & Preview Search Manager Web Part automatically imports the stylesheet named Search & PreviewSearch.css from the Search & Preview Styles Gallery in SharePoint. To find and customize this file:

1. Go to the top level of your SharePoint site collection.

2. Select Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings.

3. You should be on the Site Settings page for your selected collection. Under the Galleries heading, select the Search & Preview Styles link.

4. You should now be on the Search & Preview Styles page. This works the same way as other types of galleries in SharePoint. Here you can see a folder for each type of Search & Preview Web Part (these contain the XSLT templates available for each part) and the Search & PreviewSearch.css style sheet file. From here, you can open and edit this file using, for example, SharePoint Designer.

IMPORTANT: Always save a backup of the default Search & PreviewSearch.css style sheet before modifying it. Save your backup with a different name; the active style sheet must always be saved with this standard name in order for it to be used by the Web Parts and result pages.

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