The Search Tabs Web Part displays a graphic button for each search tab available to the Search Center at the time when the user arrives there. When a user clicks on one of these buttons, the button links to a specific page and loads the matching search-tab configuration for that page.
Enter values for each of the following:’

Search Page File Name: Enter the name of the search-form page associated with the current search tab.

Result Page File Name: Enter the name of the search-result page associated with the current search tab. This page will open when the user selects the current tab while a query is defined, thereby carrying the query over to the new search-tab display.

Each of the above should be specified using a page name only (including the suffix, e.g., “pictures.aspx”).
You will be able to configure each Search Tabs Web Part with the selection of which of the above two pages to open when a user clicks on a tab.

Note: You might choose to make create a page that includes both a search form and a result list and use this for both of the above settings. This will work fine, but one reason to use two different pages is to enable you to provide search hints on the result page after a search that produces no results. The hint display is created by the Search Hint Web Part, which displays its hints whenever no results are available for display; these hints should not usually be shown before a user tries to search and therefore should not be included on the first page the user sees when opening a new search tab.
Note: For each search tab that you configure, you must make sure that the Search & Preview Search Center includes search and result pages (or a combined search/result page) with the correct matching name(s). If your site includes more than one Search Center, then you must add the required set of pages to each of them. See also “Creating New Search Tabs” for more information about this issue.

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