• Level 0 support & service
    Reserved for automated or self-service tasks without the aid of a personal support.
  • Level 1 support & service
    Only provides basic support, such as standard instructions, ticket routing and escalation to other support or service Level. A Level 1 handler gathers and analyzes information about your ticket issue and determines the best way to solve the problem. Level 1 may also provide support for identified Level 2 and Level 3 issues if configuration or solution already has been documented.
  • Level 2 support & service
    Reserved for consultancy assistance, but may also share issues with other Levels. Level 2 is only allowed to solve known issues as for example assistance with installation, upgrade, migration and issues needing overall analyzing and troubleshooting. Level 2 will sometimes escalate to Level 3, depending on the issue.
  • Level 3 support & service
    Reserved for engineers and developers, but may also share issues with other Levels. Level 3 is allowed to solve unknown issues, assist with analyzing, troubleshooting, configuration, design, development and other similar issues that can be done effectively and safely within support tickets. A Level 3 tech has the most expertise and is the go-to person for solving difficult, complex and development issues.
  • Level 4 support & service
    Reserved to teach people from outside your’s and our organization, that you or we can escalate issues too. This usually involves hardware and software vendors, such as vendor software support, maintenance, heavy equipment maintenance, etc.


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