Access to service level 2

The assurance offers end-users organization 1st & 2nd level service with our team of consultancy.

Are for companies and organizations using our software, where the solution is of a great value and where it is a requirement to have access to level 2 service.

The assurance is an extension to the end-users already active assurances. This assurance is available for subscription on nearly all our software solutions.

Accept of terms and conditions
When purchase or renewal of this Assurance – also when the Assurance is incl./part of another product – these terms and condition are at the same time accepted.

If an issue occurs, end-user can submit a normal service ticket in our ServiceCenter. Then our team will find the most effective and constructive way to solve the issue:

  1. The issue can be solved effectively with normal ticket replay
  2. The issue needs wider service to be solved?

The issue’s will normally be prioritized in the order;

  1. Critical, High, Medium, Low
  2. First in – First out

The service level must be covered by one of the end-users other active assurances or agreements, to be coved by this assurance.


  • The assurance covers FREE support/service of 1 issue for maximum 2 hours per month.
  • Additional support & service is according to be purchase after our normal terms.

Subscription Fee
The 12-months subscription fee is 20% calculated on the end-users registered inventory of software licenses, but never less than minimum subscription fee for this assurance.

Invoicing, payment, period, renewal, suspension, cancelation and closing
Are all to be synchronized with the end-users Software Assurance (SA)

Additional cost
Some requests may attract an extra cost due to the issue type, complexity or amount of work required to process and/or to solve it. In such situation, we will inform and request an accept before proceeding, unless otherwise agreed.

Disclaimer and change eligibility
We accept no liability for errors and reserve the right to make changes in the term and conditions once a year

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