Software source code copy in 3rd party depot

The assurance offers the end-users organization a secure way to protect and ensure against situations where the vendor can’t maintain the delivered software solution.

Are for companies and organizations using our software, where the solution is irreplaceable and of a great value, where missing maintenance is not an option.

The assurance is an extension to the end-users already active assurances. This assurance is available for purchase on nearly all our software solutions.

Accept of terms and conditions
When the purchase or renewal of this Assurance – also when the Assurance is incl./part of another product – these terms and condition are at the same time accepted.

Software Assurance (SA)
Service Assurance Level 3 (SAL3)

Deposit of Source Code
We will establish and maintain software source code in a secure and *escrow external place, which ensures the end-user organization against the financial and temporal loss that may follow if the source code vendor stops maintaining the software.
*(software and document kept in the custody of a third party, where the action will be taking effect only when a specified condition has been fulfilled)

Subscription Fee
The 12-months subscription fee is 10% calculated on the end-users registered inventory of software licenses, but never less than minimum subscription fee for this assurance.

Support & Service
Time, resources and other cost used by the provider are paid by the requester of the assurance

Upfront Investing
3 days of consultancy to take care of the information gathering, paperwork, third party and deposit agreement
(are not refundable)

Startup Investing
After accepting of assurance and deposit agreement, establish of the external depot at third party

Normally a depot can be established within:

  • 5 days of consultancy
  • 5 days for development

Maintain software source code
The provider will on request from end-user, start-up the maintain process of the source code (Normally when an imported upgrade is completed)

Normally the maintaining process of the depot can be completed within:

  • 3 days of consultancy
  • 3 days for development

Disclaimer and change eligibility
We accept no liability for errors and reserve the right to make changes once a year

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