The access to our Support and Service program

- for access to software usage rights, maintenance, upgrade, support and services

Software Assurance (SA) provides running and working software solutions:

  • FREE – Usage rights in accordance with the end-user license agreement.
  • FREE – 1st Level basic support through our Support & Service center.
  • FREE – Availability to special discounts, tools, knowledgebase, downloads.
  • ACCESS – To renewal, upgrade, patch and license key.
  • ACCESS – The full support program.
  • ACCESS – To hire consultancy support & service
  • GUARANTEE – Software defects for up to 1 months after our GA version release date
  • GUARANTEE – Service guarantee for paid services if the issue is defect software


  • When requesting maintenance, support or service the provider can always require the Software Assurance ID before delivery
  • The Software Assurance ID is normally the invoice number from the last invoice on the Software Assurance
    - (unless otherwise stated)

The Software Assurance (SA) is following the software license and the end-user of the software license.

  • The software end-user is required to read and accept the terms and condition, before using our maintenance, support & service
  • The software end-user has the right to get the maintenance, support & service directly with us or one of our Partners
  • The software vendor is required to read and accept the terms and condition, before using our maintenance, support & service
  • The software vendor is required to inform the software end-user in writing of our Software Assurance (SA)
  • The software manufacturer or appointed partner has the right to provide maintenance, support & service

Accept of terms and conditions

  • Every time the Software Assurance (SA) are acquired the latest terms and condition are at the same time accepted, also when the Software Assurance (SA) is incl./part of a software product
  • Access and links to the Software Assurance (SA) terms & condition is part of our finance, sales, marketing, support & service material and it is the responsibility of the customer and end-user to be reading the terms before accepting
  • The Software Assurance (SA) terms and conditions are subject to the respect of the terms and conditions within the End-user License Agreement
  • No other contracts or agreements terms and conditions can overwrite or be used before the terms and conditions of the Software Assurance
  • Reference to vendors or end-users own contracts, terms and conditions, procurement process or similar, can under no circumstance overwrite or be used before the terms and conditions of the Software Assurance

According to the End-user License Agreement (EULA) on nearly all our software, it is mandatory to have an active Software Assurance (SA) when using/running the software, unless the software has been purchased as a perpetual license and this is stated clearly on the purchase invoice

Make sure the software is running and working correctly
In most of our software, there is an expiry date connected and this date is synchronized with the Software Assurance (SA) period:

  1. as a license key
  2. as an automated online approval service
  3. all the above

Software expire date:

  • Normal our software will run according to the subscription period
  • Some software will run limited up-to 7-30 days after the end of the subscription period
  • Some software need online access for approval verification of the period

Software License Key

Automatic Updates:
If the Software in use, have the possibility and is configured to automatic updates, you will get your License Key automatic after payment is approved.

Self-service Updates:
If the Software in use, have the possibility to update directly from within the software, the software will be updated each time the user request it, as long as payment is approved

Manual Updates:
If the Software in use, don’t have the possibility or are not configured to automatic updates, don’t have online access, then it is the customer’s responsibility to request and follow our guidelines for maintenance.

  • Remember to request on time, manual delivery time is normally 5-10 working days
  • The order process for a new period or License Key, can start as soon as payment is received and registered in our systems
  • Make sure your payment is done in good time and you have requested a new period and/or Key License if needed for the Renewal planning etc.
  • In most cases – depending on the software – a service can be added to the Renewal process for a fixed fee “Semi-Automatic” – Manage Key Delivery of the License Key and/or period after approved payment.

Support for the 2 latest software versions
The latest and newest General Available (GA) version and one version back.
Example: v7.1 as GA and v6.x as one version back
When a software version is not supported anymore, there is no more guarantee of:

Support & Service Center
If an issue occurs, the end-user can use our Support & Service Center. Then our team will find the most effective and constructive way the solve the issue.

The issues will normally be prioritized in the order:

  1. Critical, High, Medium, Low
  2. First in – First out

All issues must be submitted in writing in our contact systems, any other type of support method is considered as payable service time.

All inquiries and dialog regarding finance, payments, and cancellation issues must be submitted and done in writing in our homepage – Contact & Support – system for your safety and our records and to avoid mistakes & misunderstanding

Software guarantee
If the software within 1 month after the GA release date, turns out to be a software defect and the issue is reported straight away
- We will straight away allocate resources to fix the issue and make an update asap

Service guarantee
If your company or organization purchases our service assistance and the issue turns out to be caused mainly by a defect in our software
- We will convert the used time to a new open consultancy service plan.
- This Service guarantee only covers the latest GA software version.

Assurance Duration, Period and Cancellation

  • The Software Assurance is concluded for a minimum period of 3 years (any up-start, new or re-activation). Resources will be booked, allocated, informed, and updated for a minimum 3 years.
  • The Software Assurance secure continually delivery of professional support & service. We are using cost planning and booking of ready resources for minimum a remaining active period and the next upcoming full period.

Period Starts

  • When Online Shopping – Date of payment
  • When typically more manually Purchase Order Process – the 1 in a month
  • Payment has to be done before the start of the period & before any delivery


  • The Software Assurance (SA) continues automatically for a new period, into cancellation and/or termination is done.
  • All purchased Online, will automatically renew until you cancel the renewal
  • All purchased typically more manually, will automatically invoice renew until you cancel the renewal
  • If your organization needs to purchase the assurance by a yearly renewal with a Purchase Order Process (PO), then this is possible by an additional handling and process fee(s).

Cancellation must be done in writing:

  • Cancellation must be done minimum a 2 full period before a new period starts
    Example; if a period is 12 months, cancellation must be done a minimum 24 months before a new period starts.
    We book up-front a 2 full period support & service resources to your Software Assurance and have the expense to make sure of access
  • Cancellation must only be for 1 Software Assurance (Separate cancellation for each Software Assurance)
  • Cancellation is first applicable when received and accepted in writing

Cancellation is done:

  • When purchased Online follow the instruction on the purchase confirmation (Subscription Management)
  • When purchased typically more manually follow the instruction on the purchase invoice (link to the service and cancellation terms)
  • Make sure to pay the last outstanding and invoice(s) on time, to save further expenses on reminder fees, interest rates, etc.
  • Submitting a ticket in our homepage at Contact Us with written cancellation at the right time
  • Submitting a ticket in our homepage at Contact Us with confirmation of software solution is not-in-use and all are un-installed and removed
  • When there is no outstanding invoice, payment, or invoicing is missing
  • When received written confirmation of the cancellation from us (save our confirmation as your documentation of cancel)
    - Read more on how to cancel here

Invoicing and payment

  • To ensure uninterrupted service, your payment may be charged up to two months before the renewal date (Time to Handling of Manual License Key File and more)
  • Make sure to pay invoice and period on time, to save further expenses on reminder fees, interest rates, etc.
  • Software Assurance invoicing and payment is normally handled directly from the software manufacturer to the end-user.
  • Normally up-front alerts, invoices and/or PO Process will be started before a new period.
  • It is the end-users responsibility to update and inform the software manufacturer or supplier of any changes minimum 2-3 months before a new period. Failing to do so, and it results in new finance service handling, then this is possible by an additional handling and process fee(s).
  • Example; New PO Number, E-mail address, Recipient, Contact information, etc.
  • In the event of errors and / or deficiencies in invoicing and / or payment (s), this must be rectified as soon as possible, regardless of the time of the event.

Assurance price
Software Assurance (SA) price is a 25 percent for a period on 12 months

The yearly 12-months assurance price is a percentage calculated on the end-users registered inventory of software licenses, but never less than the minimum price on the assurance.

Before the start of a new assurance period, the assurance price for the next period is calculated based on:

  1. The currently active and valid price sheet.
  2. We only use one currency – USD
  3. Before any discounts etc.
  4. Previous or subsequent future prices, assurance fee, discounts, etc. does not create any precedent


  1. Value = The current prices on the registered software
  2. Percent = Assurance percent representing the Assurance price
  3. Period = 1 year (12 months)
  • Value x Percent x Period = Price (Assurance price)
  • 100 × 25% x 1 = 25

Additional Fee

  • Assurance start fee (only first time)
  • A normal flat Invoice fee
  • A renewal or PO Process fee will be added the invoice
  • For extended services (as fill out of forms, IT systems, etc.) a fee is added
  • Bank cost and handling (as bank checks, transatlantic transfer cost, etc.) will be added
    - Read more on Handling & Service Fees here

Decrease or increase of pricing
Software and service prices are not always stable, enhancements, valuta rates, maintenance, human resources, etc.

  1. When software price changes and the Software Assurance renewal price are calculated on the software prices, the renewal prices will follow
  2. When the renewal process & handling cost changes – the renewal fees will follow

If your renewal invoice is not 100% updated to a Software License inventory price value, then this will be indicated in the Renewal with the text: Limited price time
This Indicates your Software License inventory value and the calculated renewal of the Software Assurance price are out of synchronization etc.

Normally reasons:

  • Software License prices are decreased or increased
  • Handling cost are decreased or increased
  • There are calculated some discount into the renewal
  • Renewal price is not been synchronized for a period of time
  • The Software Assurance are in-process of being synchronized

Maximum of decrease or increase on renewal and Software Assurance price:

  • The Software Assurance renewal price will maximum be decreased or increased with (+ / -) 30 percent yearly
  • The fees will maximum be decreased or increased with (+ / -) 50 percent) yearly with respect to cost
  • The renewal price will continue to decrease or increase to the Software License inventory price value and renewal calculation are synchronized

Maximum of decrease or increase in Software Assurance renewal pricing does not apply to;

  • New acquisition of software or service
  • Software Assurance renewal invoiced with wrong or error amount

In need of stable and fixed renewal prices
Select a renewal subscription plan with a longer period, example 2 or 3 years period

When adding more to the registered software license inventory
The assurance price on any software adding will be calculated and invoiced for the remaining months before alignment with the main assurance period can be executed.

Additional cost
Some requests may attract an extra cost due to the issue or task type, complexity or amount of work required to process and/or to solve it. In such a situation, we will inform and request and accept before proceeding, unless otherwise agreed.

In any case, we don’t make a refund on payment for this type of agreement

Transfer of obligation
We reserve the right to transfer this agreement without notice and without further explanation to another company that will perform the obligations

We reserved the right to terminate this Software Assurance (SA) with 8 days notice without further explanation and without any refund when we perceive the cooperation no longer are productive and/or functional

Disclaimer and change eligibility
We accept no liability for errors and reserve the right to make changes to Software Assurance (SA) once a year without any further notice!

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