Site-level search-tab settings are similar to collection-level search tab settings, as described above, except that they inherit both from the farm level and from the parent site.

It is possible to configure Search & Preview so that the result page will reflect the search-tab settings made on the referring site. Therefore, it often makes sense to make complete search-tab settings for sites that do not contain any Search & Preview Web parts other than the Search Box. For example, if the user makes a search while on the marketing-department site, then the result page (in the Search & Preview Search Center site) can reflect the search-tabs settings from the marketing site (e.g., with a different collection of metadata shown on the result page). Meanwhile, users that search while on the development site might land on the same Search-Center result page but will bring along the search-tab settings for the development site and might, therefore, see results pre-filtered for the development scope.

To make search-tab settings for a given site, do the following:

1. Log onto SharePoint and navigate to the appropriate site.

2. Select Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings. The Site Settings page opens.

3. Under the Site Administration heading, click on the Search & Preview search tabs link.

You now see the Search Tabs page for the selected site.

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