No INSTANT PREVIEW, No preview of all non-supported files types and what about files stored in File Shares etc.?

NATIVE SHAREPOINT: USES ARE AWAITING – SharePoint makes the users wait every time a new document or file is select for use (open, print etc.)

Search & Preview: NO WAITING TIME – Users can get an INSTANT preview and use of all the documents or files

NATIVE SHAREPOINT: NO 1-page preview in search results and document libraries (only MS PowerPoint)

Search & Preview: Always 1-page preview including MS Word, MS Excel, AutoCAD, and InDesign etc.

NATIVE SHAREPOINT: SharePoint setups are complex and can’t encompass content from multiple sources – older versions of SharePoint, internal databases, cloud storage, file shares etc. These content sources are a challenge for the native SharePoint, as these sources are not supported by the preview functionality.

Search & Preview: You can preview indexed content, from anywhere including File Shares or any other external content sources.

NATIVE SHAREPOINT: Provides limited Previews of numerous file formats.

Search & Preview: Supports over 500 different documents and file formats, such as widely adopted AutoCAD or InDesign, making it the most comprehensive file format platform available. With Search & Preview, content previews are quickly available to view, scale, and print without native client applications.

Search & Preview: Offers a number of features you will be without in Native SharePoint, such as InDocument search, Search query highlights, that are Fast and responsive with pre-cashed previews. Also, there is no need for plugins for mobile support.

SharePoint Standard Limitations
1. NO access to documents and files without waiting time
2. NO preview support of a lot of file types (CAD CAM etc.)
3. NO access to other document and files than SharePoint stored
4. NO instant preview and use of all relevant documents and files

Search & Preview have the ability to gather documents and files from multiple sources and merge it all into one high speed solid SharePoint solution

1. Instant preview and use of documents and files
2. Support of +500 documents formats & files types
3. Search results including content found in FileShares
4. Make access to external content as custom CMS documents and files

Time saved selecting the right document, has an extraordinarily fast payback


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