The properties of a given search tab establish that tab’s ID, name, description, icon and target result page. (The detailed behavior of the search and result pages configured by a given tab is controlled by that tab’s configuration settings.)
To find a given tab’s properties, do the following:

1. Navigate to the appropriate site level in SharePoint.

2. Open the Search Tabs page.

3. Do one of the following:  To create a new search tab, Click on the Add Search Tab button.
 To create a new search tab based on an existing search tab, click on the target existing search tab name to open its action menu, then select Copy Search Tab.
 To set the properties for a tab created or already customized at the current level, click on the tab name to open its action menu, then select Edit Properties.
 To set local overrides for an inherited tab, click on the tab name to open its action menu, and then select Overwrite Inherited Properties. This will break the inheritance so that changes made at higher site levels will no longer affect the selected tab at the current level or below.

4. You should now be on a page titled either the Add Search Tab or Edit Search Tab, both of which provide the same settings for establishing the properties of our tab.

5. Make settings as described in the sections below.

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