The settings under the Other Settings heading on the Search Tab Configuration page control a few different, miscellaneous aspects of the search-tab configuration. Use these entries to establish the collection of search scopes, search result actions and quick filters available for the current search tab.

Figure: The search tab configuration page

The entries available under the Other Settings heading are described in the sections below.

Search Scopes Settings

Search scopes provide users with an easy way to narrow the scope of a search. For example, a user might choose to search only within the Marketing site, or only for images or only for people. Search & Preview presents users with a control (such as a drop-down list) for selecting a scope; this can be included in any Search & Preview search form, including simple search-center forms and advanced search-center forms.

The Search Scopes Settings page for search-tab configurations establishes the set of search scopes that will be available to users searching from the Search Center. The input control for selecting a scope for each search is created by the Search & Preview Search Dialog Web Part.

Search scopes are discussed in detail elsewhere in this manual. See “Introduction to Search Scopes” for general information about working with Search Scopes for the Search Center. See “The Search Scopes Page” for details about how to work with the settings on the Search Scopes Settings page for each search tab.

Note: the Search Box Web part (which is usually placed outside of the Search Center and therefore does not have any search-tab configuration associated with it) uses a separate system of search scopes. See “The Search Box Scopes Page” if you are interested in establishing scopes for the Search Box.

Search-Result Action Settings

Search-result actions create a drop-down list of actions that the user can apply to any relevant document listed in the search results. For example, the user might choose to open the document for editing, add it to their “my links” list, view more metadata about it or simply view it. Action menus of this type are common throughout SharePoint.
Select the Search Result Actions to link to create and configure each of the items that might appear in the action menus of your result pages. See “Search-Result Actions” for details.

Best Bets Settings

Search & Preview Best Bets settings enable you to match one or more specific query words to a given result-page URL. Thereafter, whenever a user makes a search for which an Search & Preview Best Bet is defined, the matching results will be shown by an Search & Preview Best Bets Web Part. You will usually include this web part on all of your result-list pages and configure it to appear at the top of the list; it usually displays its results using special formatting (such as an eye-catching image or background color).
SharePoint also has its own, independent system for defining Best Bets, but these are universal and cannot be limited to a specific search tab. You can configure each Best Bets Web part to use either or both Best-Bet systems as needed.
Select the Best Bets to link to create and configure any number of Best-Bet matches for the current search tab. See “Introduction to Search & Preview Best Bets” for details.

Quick Filter Settings

Quick filters add a selection of pre-configured queries to your simple search forms. The quick-filter query is added (using an “and” operator) to whatever search words are entered by the user, thereby limiting the search. This makes it very easy for users to submit targeted queries based on just one or two search words and a quick-filter selection.

Select the Quick Filters link to create and configure each of the items that might appear in the action menus of your result pages. See “Quick Filters” for details.

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