The search result actions feature provides links for working with a given search result. The features available are defined by the Search Result Actions settings for each search tab. In the default XSLT template provided with Search & Preview, result actions cause each link in the result list to act as a drop-down list with options such as “add to favorites”, “open document”, etc. This type of construction is typical throughout SharePoint, but you could also modify or create a template in which actions are shown in another way (e.g., with standard links). To use actions, you must first configure them for each relevant search tab. See “Creating and Configuring Search Result Actions” for details about how to do this.
The Search Result Actions area enables you to configure the selection of actions to include in your result listings. The following settings are provided:
• Search result action mode: This setting controls whether or not to display actions and if so, the logic for selecting among the available actions (see also “Working with Action Groups” for more information about action groups). The following options are provided:

o Do not display…: No actions will be displayed.

o Display all…: All of the actions configured for the current search tab will be shown, regardless of group membership.

o Display actions from named groups: Only actions from those groups named in the Include/Exclude… setting will be available (see below).

o Display all actions except…: All actions from groups not named in the Include/Exclude… setting will be available (see below).

• Include/Exclude these action groups: This setting is only available when Search result action mode is set to Display actions from named groups or Display all actions except…. Use it to list the groups to either include or exclude from the search actions. Specify each group using its group-ID (not its display name) and separate groups using a semicolon (;).

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