Search & Preview PRE-CACHING process to Instant Preview

Search & Preview gives the user fast access to an instant preview of more than +500 document formats and files types.

Instant previewing of files is a matter of retrieving small graphical pre-generated images at high speed with a very little workload.

The files previewed are pre-generated and cached by the Search & Preview Conversion servers.

Search & Preview do not rely on OWA servers and do not need resources for generating previews as people access documents.

The process to make the Search & Preview pre-cached images has overall 3 steps

Step Process
1. Get Document URL from SharePoint crawl database.
2. Retrieve Document from SharePoint content database, External Blob storage or File Share.
3. Convert Document into graphical image and store it in the Search & Preview Preview database.

The pre-caching of file previews is a continues process.
You can prioritize the pre-caching on different file locations making frequently modified/accessed locations first in the queue for preview refresh.
This ability leverage the use of resources available while performing initial processing of large volumes of archive documents.

The workload balancer can make use of multiple Conversion Servers.

PRIORITY Preview image cache
FULL SPEED Continuously crawl and generated at full speed
SCHEDULED Plan and Schedule the crawl and generated jobs
IDLE CRAWL Use server(s) Idle time to crawl and generated less frequently used files, in order to save resources.
ON-DEMAND Whenever a file is being requested by the front-end, the preview image is generated and stored for an Instant preview next time.

Libraries used less frequently can be configured to “On-Demand preview” meaning that the graphical image is generated when needed.


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