Using the Search & Preview Search Box
Adding an Search & Preview Search Box to Your Site
Using the Search Box with “My Sites”
Search Box Settings and Inheritance
— Farm-Level Search Box Settings
— Application-Level Search Box Settings
— Site-Collection-Level Search Box Settings
— Site-Level Search Box Settings
The Search Box Scopes Page
— Finding the Search Box Scopes Page
— Interpreting the Search Box Scopes List
— Using the Search Box Scopes Toolbar
— Using the Search Scopes Action Menus
Creating and Configuring Search Box Scopes
— Adding, Editing and Deleting Search Box Scopes
— Scope Configuration Settings
— Scope Mapping Types
Working with Search Box Scope Groups
— Creating a New Search Box Scope Group
— Editing Search Box Scope Groups
— Deleting Search Box Scope Groups
— Populating Scope Groups
Configuring the General Search Box Settings
— Inheritance Settings
— Default Search Scope
— Target Search Center
— Display Settings
— Advanced Search Link
— Keyword Input Field Width

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