Search In-Depth

Make search easy and personalized

End-user personalization of search
Let end-users set their own preferences for the search functionality. What views are used and what properties are easily individualized and stored in personal settings. If the personal setting is not set, Search & Preview Search will remember the previous session settings automatically.

Advanced metadata have driven multi-select refiner
The search refiners are easily configured to reflect a custom setup specific to your organization’s preferences. Add new refiner groups based on customer metadata and reorder the groups. The ability to apply multi-selection of refiners makes search easier for end-users.

Cross farm advanced content roll-up
Make virtual Document Libraries with the advanced content roll-up feature. Add columns in an intuitive configuration user interface without having to code any XLST. This makes it easy to aggregate content across SharePoint into one view easy to access for end-users.

Effective and integrated search

Automatic search suggestions provide suggestions for search phrases to the end-users as they type in a search term. The suggestions are based on the end-users organizational affiliation based on common search phrases within the end-users department.

Search Result Actions
On each result in the search result list Search & Preview Search enables Search Result Actions to enable key next steps or business process integration. Result actions include an ability to set alerts, add notes and tags, open source library in SharePoint. Customer business processes are easily integrated.

Search As You Type
As a search term is typed the search as you type feature will search for relevant content in real time that is refined as the search term is completed. This provides instant feedback to the end-user on what content a given search term will yield.

Easy implementation and customer search pages

Quick installation and central configuration
Search & Preview Search installs typically in less than 15 minutes on a standard SharePoint setup. With a simple wizard-driven installation process all installation prerequisites are captured. After installation, all aspects of Search & Preview Search are easily configured in configuration interface directly in Central Administration.

Hierarchical deployment management
SharePoint is organized structurally in a hierarchy. So when configuring Search & Preview Search settings can be easily deployed across the farm by inheritance down the SharePoint hierarchy. This makes farm-wide configuration changes extremely easy and effective to accomplish.

Design custom search pages
Search & Preview Search offers an industry leading packaged feature set and additionally offers a platform for easily making custom search pages without having to program them from scratch. Most aspects of the search user interface are highly configurable and easily extended with standard Microsoft technologies.


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