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Make Enterprise Search Easy
Design highly adaptive and productive search experiences for end-users

Platform to build user-centric search
To create a compelling search experience for end-users ranks as one of the most important elements of a SharePoint deployment. After all if users cannot find their content they will not trust SharePoint and consequently, SharePoint adoption is jeopardized. With Search & Preview Enterprise Search, organizations can rely on a trusted platform that will increase findability beyond basic search in SP2013. Dazzle your end-users with ease by providing efficient and relevant search experiences. Search & Preview Enterprise Search allows administrators to start with business requirements, then easily implements user interfaces and functionality to support company findability needs.

High productivity search functionality
Effective and productive search is about empowering the users with functionality that lets them find relevant information intuitively with as few clicks as possible. Search & Preview Enterprise Search goes beyond the basic capabilities in SP2013 with an advanced configurable multi-select refiner that enables users to easily add their own metadata as search refiners. Expand this feature with a flexible search is driven content-roll up capability, which allows operators to easily aggregate content from across the farm with a code-free UI design. In addition, Search & Preview Search provides rich navigation to sort, group, refine, and action content. Personalized configuration empowers users to customize the search experience to match individual needs.

Multi-view of search results UI
Finding relevant information is a process that always ends in a visual inspection by the end-user of a search result. The ability to present visually search results intuitively in different ways aligned to user needs is critical to a successful search experience. With Search & Preview Enterprise Search display best practice search result views that allow users to easily toggle between multiple styles to see and identify relevant information. The multi-view framework in Search & Preview Enterprise Search can be easily extended with minimum effort to accommodate specialized search user interfaces.

End-user personalization of search
An important aspect of effective search is personalization. Google has known this since their inception. Add personalization to SharePoint search, as user search preferences are automatically detected and remembered across SharePoint. Precise and relevant search results are then displayed according to user preferences. At any time users can easily tweak the automatic search preferences to optimize the search experience to their own personal taste and needs.

No-coding cross Farm configuration
Meeting the business requirements for search can often be a moving target. ┬┤Reorganization of business entities or new products lead to new metadata that can be leveraged in the search. Keep up with an evolving environment as changes to the search experience is a simple matter of adjusting settings in the administration interface. No need for lengthy development and test cycles. Through Search & Preview Enterprise Search, changes across a SharePoint farm are easily done with full support for hierarchical inheritance of configuration customizations.


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