The Search Configuration Mode setting enables you to select the source of the configuration settings for the current search center. You have the following options:

• Use settings from the referring site: Causes all Search & Preview Web parts in the current search center to inherit settings from the site on which the user initiated the search. This enables a single search center to deliver a response that is customized for each site from which a user might search. This is the default setting.

• Use settings from the local site: Causes all Search & Preview web parts in the current search center to ignore settings from referring sites, instead of using the search tabs settings specified on the local site. To establish the local site settings, click on the Configure local site settings link, which opens the Search Tabs page for the search-center site (see also “The Search Tabs Page”).
Note that default search settings for all sites are made at the farm level. All sites will inherit these settings unless they are overridden by site settings. It is therefore optional to make site-level settings at all. See also “Search-Tab Configuration and Inheritance”.

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