The Search & Preview Search Dialog Web Part creates a search form. The part can be configured to display anything from a simple, one-field search box to a complex, advanced search form.

The Web part is capable of displaying the following types of input forms:
• Keyword input fields, which search document content. A simple search dialog might include a single keyword input field, possibly with a scope selector. Advanced forms might also include several fields, which help users create an advanced Boolean query (e.g., with fields for finding “all words”, “exact phrase”, “at least one” of several words, words in proximity, “without” words, etc.). Advanced queries (including property values) can also be entered into the simple form if the user knows the advanced Search & Preview search syntax.

• Property filter input fields, which search for values of specific types of metadata. This type of input control shows an input field for each property belonging to the property groups configured for the Search Dialog Web Part.

• Property filter selector control, which provides a single drop-down list from which the user can select an available property and add it to the query. Users can then continue to add (or remove) properties one at a time. This provides a very compact and flexible input control. The properties presented by this control are those belonging to the property groups configured for the Search Dialog Web Part.
If you would like to provide a combination of the controls described above, then place several Search Dialog Web Parts on the page; they will automatically work together.

To use the Search & Preview Search Dialog Web Part, you must also place a Search Manager Web Part on the same page. Among other things, the Search Manager part enables multiple Search Dialog Web Parts to work together.

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