We support manual Renewal Purchase Order Process (PO/POP) on most of our software, assurance, subscription and service products.

Most of our finance, administration, renewal, and software license key activities are outsourcing to 3rd party suppliers, and the cost etc. for the processing will be added to the PO invoices etc.

  • We change fulfillment fee(s) according to the requested support & service process
  • The process cost & fees are normally not negotiable.
  • Delivery Times is normally not negotiable, but an express service is in some cases possible with accepting of an Express Service Fee

Minimum requirement:

Normal renewal process:

  1. We send invoices out to the registered e-mails, approx. 1 month before a new period starts
  2. The invoice information incl. are to work both as a quote, and as an invoice.
  3. If a separate formal quote is needed, request it in our Support & Service Center
  4. When payment is done in rightful time before a new period starts, the renewal is accepted and all will continue as normally
  5. When in need of a new License Key, submit a ticket to our Support & Service Center

PO and renewal process fee’s
The wider a PO process service there is needed, the wider a service fee.
See more on Handling & Service Fees

Renewal period

  • A Renewal period is normally 1 year (12 months), but it can be a longer or shorter period.
  • A Renewal period is re-calculated on the current license inventory value (current product price before any discounts) and added with relevant fees etc.
  • A Renewal period will automatically continue for a new period until the cancellation process is accepted and completed.

It is the responsibility of the customer (end-user) to inform us in writing, by submitting a ticket to our Support & Service Center:

  • when there are updates or changes to example contact and e-mail information, PO Number etc. – at least 3 months before a new period
  • when there is cancellation of a new renewal period – normally the cancellation notice is a period before a new period (example 12 months before a new 12 months period)
  • IMPORTANT! to pay the last invoice on time to save further costs, reminder fees, interest rate, and other expenses.

Renewal Quote and Invoice:

  • Are priced accordingly to the re-calculation at the process time
  • Fee’s are accordingly to the resources used in the PO process
  • Are sent to the registered e-mail address in our systems
  • Has to be paid before the new period starts, at the latest on the due date
  • When payment method is by check, remember to send check 1 month before the period starts

Renewal of the Software License Key

  • The License Key process can start as soon as the renewal payment is received and registered in our systems,
  • The License Key is generated at a 3rd party and they will be delivered to us or direct to you asap
  • Remember to pay and request the Licence Key in good time to avoid software instability, stop, breakdown etc.,
  • more on delivery times here
  • Automatic Updates:
    If the Software in use supports and are configured to automatic update, one or more of the following steps are tacking:
  • The software will automatically be extended with a new period when payment is approved.
  • The software will automatically be updated with a new license key when payment is approved.
  • You will be able to access and download the new updates from within the software when payment is approved.
  • You will get your License Key automatic short time after payment is approved.
  • Manual Updates:
    If the Software in use, don’t support or are not configures to automatic update, then it is the responsibility of the customer (end-user) to request a new License Key:
  • Submit a ticket requested for a new License Key in our Support & Service Center
  • We can start the License Key renewal process as soon as payment is approved in our systems
  • Request for a new License Key and payment can be done in good time to avoid delays, the software stops etc.

Additional Fee

When adding more products in a renewal period

  • A renewal fee will be calculated and invoiced for the remaining period before the main renewal period starts
  • The added products will be aligned with the main renewal period at the next invoice time

Additional cost
Some requests may attract an extra cost due to the issue, complexity or process, we will inform and request for an accept before proceeding.

Disclaimer and change eligibility
We accept no liability for errors and reserve the right to make changes once a year without further notice!


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