The refiner feature enables users to filter results based on property values, thereby homing in on one specific type of result. For example, if you have configured the “author” property as a refiner property for the current search-tab configuration, then the Search Summary Web Part can display a list of all authors represented in the current result list (other authors will not be listed); if the users clicks on one of the author names here, then the list will be filtered to show only documents by the selected author.

Figure: Example of how the refiner feature will be seen by users

The Refiner Options enable you to enable/disable and configure the refiner controls that are shown when you use the DefaultDrillDown.xsl template (or a custom template designed to display the refiner elements).

Use the following setting to enable, disable and/or configure the refiner control:

• Enable Refiner control: Mark this check box to enable the control. The other settings in this area are only shown when this box is marked.

• Show icons: If you have configured icons for your refiner properties, then mark this box if you would like to show them in the control. Clear this box to hide the icons. Icons will only be shown for those properties that have them configured.

• Max suggestions per property: The refiner control will show a link for each unique value that exists in the result set for each refiner property (of those analyzed, see below). In some cases, this list might become quite long, so use this drop-down list to set the maximum number of values to display.

• Number of results to analyze: The refiner control will only analyze the top “x” number of results when finding unique values for each refinery property. By analyzing more results, you will usually find unique values, but you will also use more server resources. Select the number of results that you would like to analyze (or select “all visible results” to analyze only those results shown on the current result page).

Note: To use the refiner control, you must also configure one or more refiner properties. These are the properties that will be checked and displayed by the control. See “Refiner Properties” for details on how to do this.

Display Options

Use the Display Options setting to specify CSS styles for controlling the format of the table in which the output of the Search Summary Web Part will be placed.

The Search Summary Web Part emits your settings here as values for the XML element. The default XSLT template places these as value for the style attribute of the

CSS style properties and values accepted in table tags here.
The most common use of these settings is to establish the width and top margin of the table. For example:

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