Customer driven development
We believe the best software solve real problems and needs, so the most important development is customer and user requirement

Development and Priorities
When building an expanding our software systems, priorities of the development resources are going on all the time, precisely what to develop, when, who, and in what order.

Everybody in our development departments has the same goal for all our software development: Delivery of reliable, rock solid and high-value software

Our development priority from best practice:

  1. Fixes and bugs
  2. Quick wins
  3. Customer paid enhancement
  4. Joint venture development
  5. Other needs with sponsor
  6. Technology up-to-date
  7. Wishlist
  8. Next generation functionality

Sometimes there is a need for speed
If you need a fix or enhancement before our planning and roadmap, contact us and we will try to get the desired functionality estimated for a fair and reasonable cost price

Minimum requirements for development
A Software Assurance (SA)


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