Enterprise Class Preview for SharePoint

Easy document analysis and in-document search

Search query highlights
The first guidance offered to the end-users with Search & Preview Preview is the visual queue represented by highlighting of the search query string in the preview images. This provides an immediate identification of paragraphs that are relevant to the end-users.

Relevant page suggestion
When a search result list of documents is presented relevant page suggestion is a very useful feature for quickly assessing exactly which pages in a document contains relevant information related to the search query terms. With a single click jump directly to the preview of the most relevant page.

InDocument search
For further analyzing the content of an in-document search comes in handy for expanding the search query and reanalyze the document. The new search keywords are instantly highlighted and new most relevant pages are suggested.

Variable zoom & snap-to-screen width or length
When analyzing a document often particular pages are key in determining the documents overall relevance. Specifically when small print fonts are used, for example in footnotes or legal texts. Zooming of the preview is critical including one-click snap to width or length of the image.

Leverage existing infrastructure and mobile device support

Fast and responsive with pre-cached previews
Key to the good performance of a preview solution is flexible caching strategies. Search & Preview Preview provides a 100% configurable balance between real-time conversion and pre-cached conversion of previews. This allows for maximum flexibility during implementation and ensures that Search & Preview Preview performs well on the broadest spectrum of hardware resources.

Thin client with no plugins for mobile support
The proliferation of types of end-user devices that access information in SharePoint is increased continuously. Search & Preview Preview is 100% thin client with a clean JavaScript implementation which enables preview of any type of device including mobile iPhone, Android, and tablets such as iPad.

No-coding – 100% configurable in administration UI
A preview solution offers a significant visual upgrade of the user interface and during implementation is critical to easily be able to quickly tweak the implementation to match end-user requirements. Search & Preview Preview offers a 100% configurable through an intuitive administrator interface.


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