To install Search & Preview and make its basic, default features available to a given site collection, do the following:
1. Run the Search & Preview setup program on one of the machines in your server farm as described in “Running the Search & Preview Setup Program”.
2. Make sure the Search & Preview is activated at the farm level as described in “Activating and Deactivating Farm-Level Features”.
3. If you did not choose to deploy Search & Preview when running the setup program, then do so manually afterward to each relevant application as described in “Manual Deployment”.
4. Activate Search & Preview for each site collection where you want to use its features as described in “Activating and Deactivating Search & Preview for a Selected Collection”.
5. Create at least one Search & Preview Search Center for each site collection where you have activated Search & Preview. See “Creating an Search & Preview Search Center” for details.

See also “Making Search & Preview Available” for more information about the purpose of each of these steps.

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