Search & Preview for SharePoint builds on the functionality provided by the Microsoft SharePoint Server search engine to create a more flexible and powerful search solution that could easily be created using the default SharePoint features. By adding Search & Preview, IT-professionals are saved months of reprogramming to the specific needs of organizations using SharePoint. Search & Preview is extremely flexible and customizable, enterprise-ready and has an abundance of clever and indispensable features.

Important features introduced and improved upon by Search & Preview include
Boolean search (AND,OR,NOT)
NEAR search
Wildcard search (*)
Advanced query syntax
Advanced search page
Action menu on search results (View properties, Alert me, etc)
Configurable web parts
Customizable search dialog
Firefox support
Hit highlighting in search results
Jump to list items from search result
Open links in new window
Save search *
Painless deployment
Search standard properties like Author, Title, etc.
Web-based configuration in a SharePoint look & feel
XSLT customization of all web parts
Enhanced search center
Search custom properties
Search by content type
Search scopes
Quick filters
Customizable action menu on search results *
Display custom properties in search results
Use search result web part with fixed search expression
Refiner (automatic search refinement suggestions)
Enhanced best bets
Enhanced people search *
Image search *
Search result grouping
Site level search configurations (behavior of a single search center can vary based on the site from which the user search)
Tabbed search
Email & phone support
Federated Search
Search using the SharePoint search engine
  • Not supported by Microsoft Search Server and Search Server Express

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