Our best practice for connecting in online meetings

It is our experience that international companies and organizations are using so many different and preferred online meeting systems, that we had to make a simple and effective process guide for everyone to use

90% of our international customers and partners can and are using Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams

The following are now our simple process guide:

  1. If you arrange and invite participants, you can choose your preferred online meeting system and we will try to apply
  2. If someone from our team has to arrange and invite participants, we use
    - Skype for Business
    - Microsoft Teams (not all yet)
  3. If a participant for some reason can’t use Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, then it’s up to the participant to arrange and invite all other participants from an appropriate system

Requirement- minimum one of the below:

  • Accepted payable service agreement
  • Active Vouge Card
  • Assurance and/or agreement that covers the service

All inquiries and dialog regarding finance, payments, and cancellation issues must be submitted and done in writing in our homepage – Contact & Support – system for your safety and our records and to avoid mistakes & misunderstanding


Need more help with this?
CONTACT US info@ontolica.com OR use our homepage

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