Site-level search-tab settings made locally for the Search & Preview Search Center site itself are at the bottom level of the settings hierarchy and have the potential of overruling all inherited and/or forwarded search-tab settings.

To make local search-tab settings for the Search Center, do the following:

1. Log onto SharePoint and navigate to the Search & Preview Search Center site.

2. Select Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings.

3. The Site Settings page opens. Under the Site Administration heading, click on the Search & Preview search tabs link.

You now see the Search Tabs page for the search center.

Your result pages can be configured either to always use its local/inherited settings or to allow settings from the referring site (the site the user was on when initiating the search) to overrule those settings. This is controlled by the configuration of the Search & Preview Search Manager Web Part on each result page in the Search Center.

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