The behavior of each search tab is largely defined by its search-tab configuration settings. These include many different types of settings for controlling various aspects of the search tab’s behavior. These settings are available via links on the Search Tab Configuration page.
To find the Search Tab Configuration page:

1. Navigate to the Site Settings page for the site level at which you want to create or configure a search tab, then click on the Search & Preview search tabs link under the Site Administration heading. (See also “Search-Tab Configuration and Inheritance” for details.)

2. You should now be on the Search Tabs page, which shows a list of search tabs that apply at the site and level you selected above. Use this page to create new search tabs, to edit search-tab configurations and to set search-tab level settings. (See also “The Search Tabs Page” for details about how to use the controls on this page.)

3. Locate the search tab that you want to configure in the list on the Search Tabs page. Click on its title and select Configure Search Tab from its action menu. This opens the Search Tab Configuration Page.

The Search Tab Configuration page is organized into three main sections, each of which provides links to several different types of settings. The following sections are available:

Property Settings: These settings manage each of the various types of custom properties used by Search & Preview, including searchable properties, search-result properties, sorting properties and refiner properties. Each custom property maps to a specific column of metadata in the SharePoint search database, making that data available for a specific type of feature in Search & Preview. For example, if you would like to display the name of the author for each document in a result list, then you would create a new Search & Preview search-result property and map this to the SharePoint managed property that supplies this information in the database.

Other Settings: These settings control a few different, miscellaneous aspects of the search-tab configuration. Use these entries to establish the collection of search scopes, search-result actions, best bets and quick filters available for the current search tab.

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