To include quick filters in a search form, you must do the following:

1. Establish the quick filters for the appropriate search tab and site level (see “The Quick Filters Page”). Here you will give each filter a name and establish the logic for the query clause added by each filter.

2. Enable the Quick Filter setting for each relevant Search & Preview Search Dialog Web Part and choose whether to show them as radio buttons or checkboxes. See “Search & Preview Search Dialog Web Part” for details about how to make these settings.

Note: In the default XSLT Templates included with Search & Preview for the Search Dialog Web Part, only the simple template includes support for quick filters; the advanced template ignores them. However, it is possible to modify the advanced template to include the filters (though this goes somewhat against the concept of the “advanced” search form). See also “Web Part XSLT Templates” for details about Search & Preview Web Part templates.

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