The Image options area provides settings that control whether and how to display images returned with a high-confidence result. The following settings are provided here:

• Show high confidence image: mark this box if you would like to include images in your high-confidence display. Clear the box to suppress any images included with the result.

• Scale image: to get better control over the layout of the high-confidence display, it is often a good idea to scale the image to fixed size. To do this, mark this check box and then enter the preferred height (in screen pixels) in the Image height field. The image will be scaled in a way that preserves its original aspect ratio. Clear this check box to display all images at their original size.

• Default image: it is not certain that all high-confidence results will include an image. If you would like to preserve your layout by including a default image for times when no specific image is returned (recommended), then enter a path and file name to a default image here.

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