Each Search & Preview Best Bet can be defined with an associated image. Use the settings in the Image Options to control how this image will be handled by the current web part. Make settings as follows:

• Show Best Bet images: Mark this check box to use the Best-Bet images defined for Search & Preview. Clear this box to ignore them always.

• Scale image: If your images do not have a consistent size, or if they have a size that is not appropriate for your result-page design, then use these settings to control their size. To do so, mark this checkbox and then enter the image height (in pixels) at which to render each image. Images will be scaled appropriately, preserving their aspect ratios.

• Default image: Enter the URL for a generic image to use for Best Bets that do not have an image defined. If you are using images, then we highly recommend that you use this setting to ensure a consistent display.

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