How can I run without a maintenance with the Software Assurance (SA)

According to the end user license agreement (EULA) on nearly all our software, it is mandatory to have an active Key License and Software Assurance (SA) when using/running the software, unless the Software is acquired as a perpetual license (stated on invoice)

If the software is acquired as Perpetual and it is stated as “Perpetual” on the purchase invoice, it is possible to run without renewal of the Software Assurance (SA), but without maintenance, support & service of any kind.
When there is Software Assurance (SA) attached to the software, for a start or longer period it is important to cancel the Software Assurance (SA) according to the cancellation policy in the Software Assurance (SA)

Expiration date

  • Normal our software will work according to, and within the active Software Assurance (SA) and Key License period
  • Some software will be running limited up-to 30 days after the end of the Software Assurance and Key License period
  • Some old and/or special software versions, will automatic and without warning stop after end date and try to delete software program etc.
  • Some old and/or special software versions, will seem to work well for a period of time after the end date, but in most cases, the systems are unreliable and can break down without any warning or the possibility of recovery

Without the Software Assurance (SA), the software can’t be upgraded and there can’t be a delivery of any support & service, new licenses, maintenance, new releases, license key etc.
This includes after breakdown, replacement or migration of licenses.

If your Software Assurance (SA) is de-activated, closed or canceled for any reasons, you will need to re-activate it again

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