New PDF format & types are most likely supported in the latest Search & Preview Search & Preview version
If you are not up-to-date, upgrade asap

It is of course standard that the pdf file is rendered correct after installation setup.
But due to how easy it is to modify a pdf file and therefore change/alter it, sometimes the rendering/Previewing of the file fails.
As the pdf modification option and/or possibilities are immense, sometimes the pdf file is modified in a way, where it is not standard any longer, and therefore causing fails, in the rendering/preview of the file.

Easy to use tip: (this helps in most cases to visual see if your pdf file still stands as standard or not)

  • Start Adobe reader, Ctrl-A to mark the text, Ctrl C to copy the text
  • Start the notepad or similar and use Ctrl V to paste the text
  • If there is missing text – the file is not within standard anymore.

It the PDF FILE ANNALYSE shows the PDF files are within the standard, and you are using the latest Search & Preview Search & Preview version, it is most likely that we will update our converters in the next version release
Upgrade as soon as the new version released

But if this is an issue that can’t wait for the next version release, we can book one of our service consultant (Level 3) to make a fix version to solve the problem asap

Estimated payable consultancy: 1 day
- preliminary analysis
- online analysis
- Standard PDF file support enhancement
- or implementing the latest extended converter

Requirements: Pdf files with the issue

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