How to get the log files with relevant detail diagnostic information

When an issue arises, sometimes we will need you to provide us with the Search & Preview log files to assist you (detail diagnostic information)

To provide our support and service team with the log file, please follow this procedure:

  1. Go to the Central Administration / Operations and in the Search & Preview for SharePoint group
  2. Select – Diagnostic logging
  3. On this page – Enable Detailed Logging (checkbox)
  4. On this page – you will find the path to the location of the log files
  5. OPTIONAL – Backup the log files and then delete the log files
  6. (Leave the Search folder untouched)
  7. *Recreate the issue and note the time
  8. Wait about 1 minute for the log files to be updated
  9. Send us – the noted issue time with the log files attached

*Do an on-demand conversion that fails

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