When you create a new Search & Preview Search Center you are asked for its title. That title is then taken to be the name shown in the browser window title and the name on the tab in the top link bar in SharePoint.

If you have created Search & Preview Search Center as a site within existing site collection you can use the following methods to change the title:

  • To set the?name shown in the browser window you need to go to* Search & Preview Search?Center / Site Action / Site Settings / Title, description and icon page, and?enter a new name in the Title field.
  • To change the name shown in the SharePoint?top link bar you need to go to the site collection containing* Search & Preview Search?Center / Site Actions / Site Settings / Top Link Bar page, and click on the Edit icon next to the current tab name. There, you can provide the new name in the?Type?the description field.

If you have created Search & Preview Search Center as a site collection you need to edit the following file by replacing the “Search & Preview Search Center” strings with the new desired title to be shown in the browser window:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\Template\Features\Search & PreviewSearchForMOSS\Search & PreviewSearchMain.aspx

Changes will be visible immediately.

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