High-confidence results are a built-in feature of the SharePoint search engine. The feature includes support for a series of 15 managed properties called HighConfidenceDisplayProperty1, HighConfidenceDisplayProperty2 … HighConfidenceDisplayProperty15. In a default SharePoint installation, high-confidence results are almost always people results, so all of the high-confidence managed properties map to fields that are relevant for people (such as photo, phone number, name, etc.). The Search & Preview High Confidence Web Part is able to display all of the standard high-confidence fields from SharePoint; these do not need to be configured specifically as search-result properties for Search & Preview. The default XSLT Template for the High Confidence Web Part automatically formats the result and labels the properties as appropriate for people results (with name, photo, phone number, etc.).
You are able to customize the high-confidence feature in SharePoint. You might do this to support other types of high-confidence results and/or to provide other types of high-confidence properties. In this case, you will probably also need to create a custom XSLT template for displaying these results and properties. See “Web Part XSLT Templates” for complete details about how to create and edit templates for Search & Preview. Please see your SharePoint documentation for details about the high-confidence result feature and how to configure it.

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