In addition to providing the usual list of ranked results, Search & Preview enables users to group search results according to any of several types of custom-property values.

For example, your result page might provide a link for grouping the results by the author. If the user clicks here, then the result page will group all of the documents written by a given author together. You might establish several different ways of grouping results, such as by month, document type, document status, etc.

All custom properties used for grouping must be mapped to SharePoint managed properties, which themselves exist as database columns for each document.

Figure: Example of a result page that includes grouping controls

Note: Each page of search results is grouped one at a time, so sorting does not affect overall page ranking for a given query. This means that you will see the same results on a given page (for example, on page 4 of the result list) regardless of which type of sorting you use; only the order of the results on each given page will change.

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