The Fixed Search settings enable you to add a fixed query to the results. You choose to make this the only query, regardless of any incoming queries, or to add it to as an extra restriction to incoming queries.
For example, you might place a Search Result Web Part the front page of your portal and configure it always to show the ten newest documents. Users will not experience it as search results, even though it actually is. Another way to use this feature would be to add a requirement that results only include Microsoft Word documents.
To control how the fixed query should be used, select one of the following from the Mode of operation drop-down list:
• Disabled: No fixed query will be used.
• Use fixed results only (caching disabled): The fixed query will be used for all searches and incoming queries will be ignored. This option also enables the result cache, which holds results for a short time rather than re-querying the database each time the page loads; results will still be refreshed fairly often. This option will help improve database performance but will return results that may not be completely up to date with the database.
• Use fixed results only (caching disabled): This is the same as the above option, but with the cache disabled.
• Add fixed search to active search: The fixed query will be combined with the incoming query (if any) using an “and” operator.
To specify the fixed query, enter your query into the Fixed search expression field using the Search & Preview search syntax.
Note that your fixed query can include dynamic values; these enable you to design queries that find documents related to the current user, for example:
• [user.fullname]: places the full name of the currently searching user.
• [user.department]: places the department of the current search user.
• []: places the office number of the current search user.
For example, to find documents written by the current user in the last 30 days:

author:[user.fullname] AND date>30days

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