If you would like to implement a staged roll-out of Search & Preview, then you must be able to find the Search & Preview configuration files on your test machine and then copy these to your live SharePoint farm when you are ready. These are stored as follows:

• Farm- and application-level settings are stored in the property bag. To move your settings at these levels, you must copy them from here. Please see your SharePoint documentation for full details about how to work with the property bag.

• Site-collection-level settings are stored as XML files in a hidden document library that is available at the root of the site collection.

• Sub-site settings are stored in the same, hidden document library as those for the parent site collection. There is one XML file for each subsite where Search & Preview settings have been made.
To access the hidden document library that holds the Search & Preview configuration files for a given site collection and its subsites, enter the following URL into a browser:

http:///Search & PreviewConfig
Where is the top-level URL of your site collection. For example:
http://ontv3proto/Search & PreviewConfig
Your browser will then display the Search & PreviewConfig library for the site collection that matches the URL you entered.

Here you will see the following files:
• Search & PreviewSearchConfig_Root: this is an XML file that contains all of the settings made at the site-collection level for the current site collection.

• Search & PreviewSearchConfig_: for each subsite on which you have made custom Search & Preview settings, there will be one XML file that follows this naming convention. If you have not made any subsite settings, then there will not be any files such as this one. In the expression, all “/” characters are replaced by “_”; so for example: the site “http://ontv3proto/sites/demo” would have a configuration file named “Search & PreviewSearchConfig_sites_demo”.

When staging, you must copy all of the above files for each relevant site collection from your test server to your live farm. Note that you may need to rename the subsite configuration files if these do not have the same relative URLs on the live server as they do on the test server (i.e., the part of each filename might need to be changed to ensure it is valid for the live server (see above)).

Use the standard SharePoint controls to export each file and then again to upload the files to your live server (enter a URL such as the one described above to get to the Search & PreviewConfig library on your live site collections). By using the standard SharePoint controls when uploading on the live farm, you will be sure that the files are distributed as needed to all front-end servers in the farm. You might also choose to use a program or script to help automate the process if you have such a tool.

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