Settings made at the farm level will be available to all applications, collections, sites, and pages managed by your SharePoint installation. To make settings here, do the following:

1. Log onto the SharePoint Central Administration site.

2. Click on the Operations tab.

3. Under the Search & Preview for SharePoint heading, click on the Manage Search & Preview Modules link. The Manage Search & Preview Modules page opens.

4. Under the Search & Preview Search heading, click on the Manage Search Box Scopes link.

You now see the Search Box scopes that apply at the farm level. Use the controls here to configure which scopes will be available and to configure each available scope. Use the Settings link to make general Search Box settings.

Note: Even at the top, farm level you will see inheritance indicators. Search Box settings (and other settings) shown as inherited or customized at this level are inheriting their settings from the Search & Preview factory defaults. You can think of the defaults as existing as a virtual site level immediately above the farm level. This provides a good way to handle upgrades to Search & Preview, enabling new defaults to be loaded into your system during an upgrade without affecting your configuration work so far. You can override, revert and/or deactivate any of these settings at the farm level as required, just as on other levels. See “The Search Box Scopes Page” for the relevant controls.

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