Settings that you make at the farm level will be available to all applications, collections, and sites in your SharePoint installation. To find these settings, log into your SharePoint central administration site and go to the Operations tab.

Figure: The Operations tab of the SharePoint central administration site

The following two links under the Global Configuration heading provide settings that affect the deployment and availability of Search & Preview (and other features and/or solutions you may have installed):
• Manage farm features: enables you to activate or deactivate Search & Preview and other features for your farm. See “Activating and Deactivating Farm-Level Features” for details.

• Solution management enables you to deploy or retract Search & Preview and other solutions to/from your various applications. See also “Manual Deployment”.

All of the links under the Search & Preview for SharePoint heading apply only to Search & Preview. The following are provided here:
• Manage Search & Preview modules: enables you to make farm-level search-tab and Search Box settings. It also provides a link to the Search & Preview Configuration Wizard, which will help you set up your first Search Center(s). See also “Managing Search & Preview Modules”.

• Manage Search & Preview licenses: enables you to check the status of your Search & Preview licenses, upload license files and manage other types of license-related tasks. See also “Managing Search & Preview Licenses”.

• Diagnostic Logging: enables you to configure how Search & Preview stores log information. Use these options to control which types of events are logged and where the logs are saved. This log can be helpful during initial setup and troubleshooting; one your solution has been tested and shown to work correctly, you will usually return here to reduce the amount of detail logged, thereby saving disk space and improving performance slightly. See “Search & Preview Diagnostic Logging” for details.

• About Search & Preview: provides a few details about your Search & Preview installation (such as the version number and farm-activation ID) and gives links to the Search & Preview and Ontolica websites.

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