How to get an issue escalated to management

Please consider and understand that our support and service team will assist you as much as possible, of course with respect to our guidelines, the terms, and conditions on an issue.

The best way to solve an issue will always be to use our support & service team to make a fair solution for all (with respect for, everybody has to get it accepted from each back office).

Our management team:

  • Only looks at the issue stated in submitted support/service ticket with reference to written documentation and agreements.
  • Don’t take meetings or another contact unless full payment is done and we have your accept of payment for all the time and cost looking into the issue
  • Will normally never stray away from the terms and conditions of an issue.


For issue regarding the cancellation of Service Agreements and/or Software Assurances:

If there are no ticket or other written documentation on an issue, and this is necessary, please understand we will have to follow the terms and conditions on issues

Thanks for your understanding
The Support & Service Team


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