Disable the Office Web Apps Preview for FAST

When you choose Search & Preview Preview to be used for generating previews in a FAST search center, and you have the default Office Web Apps preview already configured, then you will most likely face the situation where both previews are loading on the FAST search center. In that case, you will probably be looking for a way to hide the default preview, which shows an only full preview of PowerPoint documents (pptx) and the first page (thumbnail) preview of Word documents (docx).

To disable the default Office Web Apps preview in FAST:

  1. On the FAST search result page go to Site Actions > Edit Page.
  2. From the Search Core Results Web part’s drop down menu select the option to Edit the Web part.
  3. A web part configuration menu will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen. Expand the Display Properties area in that menu.
  4. De-select both options:
    - Enable Document Preview for PowerPoint
    - Enable Thumbnail Preview for Word

The Search & Preview Preview for FAST is shown/hidden by adding or removing the Search & Preview Preview Web part from the FAST search result page. The Web Part can be added to any page zone. Configuration pages are available after clicking on the links visible on the added Web part.

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